We intend to bring a better understanding and uniform professional way of working to our Recruitment Consulting industry through open discussion dialogue, monitoring service industry standards and setting acceptable self-managed work procedures that can be useful and acceptable to our corporate client’s employers, and professional job seekers, who seek help from our Recruiters Association members.

Members should be able to adopt best practices in Recruitment Industry, which are feasiable, practical, and cost-effective without adding any nuisance.

Many suggestions and thoughts have been shared.

It’s time that we give them shape and make them a reality soon.

Based on set standards and parameters with measured metrics, we intend to encourage a healthy competitive work environment, where the archives can be awarded annually based on transparent and professional audits done through qualified ISO auditors.

Best Recruitment Agency Management Award

Best Recruiter Award (Individual – Male)

Best Recruiter Award (Individual – Female)

Rising Star – Start Up Recruitment Agency Award

Best Innovation Award for Recruitment Agency

We welcome all our valued members to support and guide our association to start these awards and get the desired recognition for performing members of our Recruiters Association.